Amazing Glass Block Basement Window

Ideal Glass Block Basement Windows Ideas

Glass block basement windows can be amazing feature on walls to allow lights with strong quality that offers privacy as well. Glass blocks have many values in becoming basement windows like light, thermal and ventilation along with sound proof. These are for sure wonderful values that you can get by installing the glass blocks for basement windows. The prices are just affordable that indeed very good in featuring elegance, style [...]

Rustic Basement Bar Plans

DIY Basement Bar Plans

Basement bar plans can be designed and decorated according to personal taste. Mind about layout to determine the design especially when it comes to custom styles! Do it yourself basement bar is quite interesting moreover if you are doing what really known. Custom home bar designs are for granted in featuring elegance and functionality at high values. You can get free plans for basement bar decorating that will be just [...]

Water Seeping Into Basement Drain Pipe

How to Deal with Water Seeping Into Basement

Diagnose the water problem, get rid of excess humidity, insulate pipes and walls and keep water away from the foundation are ways to deal with water seeping into basement. Water or moisture in basements usually comes from two sources. Indoor humidity condenses on cold surfaces just like water droplets form. The other source is water and water vapor that comes from outside. Rainwater, groundwater or melting snow can saturate the [...]

Carpet Tiles Basement Interlocking

Best Carpet Tiles Basement Ideas

Carpet tiles basement can be applied based on do it yourself ideas. You can have it completely choose the material that awesome in featuring harmonious decor. Getting or hiring the handyman to do the job will cost you some cash but you can also save it by doing yourself, though. The carpet tiles for basement flooring are available in different options to choose from. They are particularly designed to interlock [...]

Flooded Basement Clean

DIY Basement Flooded Ideas

Basement flooded can be coped with do it yourself ideas. It is going to be a daunting task but the results are enjoyable with pride. There are different things that may cause flood in basement like cracks and low quality of insulation. It does not need to call a pro to do the job and sharing task will be just interesting with all family. It can be repaired to prevent [...]

Interior Basement Waterproofing Methods

DIY Interior Basement Waterproofing Ideas

Interior basement waterproofing is meant to protect your basement against mildew, mold and flooding and other water damage forms. You can do it yourself in the project that can be expansive yet inexpensive. When it comes to basement exterior waterproofing, it usually involves heavy excavating so that able to reach home foundation. It is certainly costly. This means it is definitely a lot better to apply basement waterproofing the interior [...]

Framing Around Basement Egress Window

Basic Basement Egress Window Requirements

Basement egress window can be purchased to complete your basement space simply yet very significantly. There are some basic requirements, though. Doing it yourself the project can save you some cash more than Four Grand. The window egress in basement allows natural sunlight to enter and lighten up the room also provides a safe escape route during a fire or other home emergency. Turn the unfinished basement into pleasing to [...]

Basement Ceiling Insulation Fixed

Basement Ceiling Insulation Pros and Cons

Basement ceiling insulation has pros and cons. In order to be successful insulation on your basement ceiling, have some time and funds. Ceiling insulation reduces spaces inside of your basement. The height is lowered and this thing could give you a problem. Well, it actually depends on your basement is used for, though. You will find it efficient as well in protecting the upper basement floors because of not allowed [...]

Light Finishing Basement Stairs

DIY Finishing Basement Stairs Ideas

Finishing basement stairs can be done by applying DIY ideas to save money and not to mention about creativity pouring in getting what you want. I take huge pride to help homeowners like yourself in finding the ideas to finish the basement especially on the stairs. The unfinished lumber stairs than are plain lead down to newly remodeled space. How to do it by yourself from the scratch? It is [...]

Basement Pole Wraps At Home Depot

Inexpensive Basement Pole Wrap Ideas

Basement pole wrap can add colors and durability to make the basement more attractively accommodating and you can choose the material. Basement column covers are an ideal solution to cover your basement poles just on your budget. Decorative classic pillar design shaped round has a timeless appeal. It is also safer with no sharp square corners for young children so that not to injure themselves. There are offerings of decorative [...]