Diy Basement Finishing Renovation

DIY Basement Finishing Ideas

DIY basement finishing – According to Remolding Magazine 2015 National, average remodeling cost for basement is $61,303.00 with a value to resale at $43,095.00. With do it yourself basement finish panels, you can remodel the basement on average cost for $10,000.00 or even lesser when you do-it-yourself! The DIY panel system of basement finish is the architecturally most advanced designed finishing system that available on the market. It was specifically [...]

Diy Basement Floor Epoxy

How to Apply Basement Floor Epoxy

Basement floor epoxy offers really pleasing to the eyes flooring. There are steps to apply epoxy onto basement floors easy yet efficiently. There are things that you can do as step by step basement flooring with epoxy. Prep the surface by removing and sweeping any dirt and debris, use a degreaser to clean the concrete from any oil stains, profile the surface using their prep solution. Once you have rinsed [...]

Pictures Of Finished Basements Design

Inspiring Pictures of Finished Basements

Pictures of finished basements show that finishing a basement does not only add value to your home. You can also see that it also allows for a fun space. Where you can enjoy moments with family or entertain friends? Basement is certainly one of the inspiring places. There are a lot of things you can do with your basement. When you are taking huge steps in finishing a basement, there [...]

Fan Waterproof Basement Flooring

DIY Waterproof Basement Flooring Ideas

Waterproof basement flooring can be applied a DIY project to make a better basement floor at high value of comfort. These are steps in how to waterproof your basement flooring. The four steps can be amazing way in the effort to support the basement flooring with waterproof ability. Tackling a project of basement waterproofing can prove to be a daunting task. Well, the labor is involving may not be as [...]

Images Of Finished Basements with Fireplace

Images of Finished Basements on a Budget

Images of finished basements show that in how to finish the room, you can simply save cash and effort. I will give you 10 things you must know in finishing a basement. It is a great addition to have finished basement to any home. Just make sure in using these expert tips in how to make your renovation smoothly go. First of all, keep it dry. Check for any issues [...]

Height Basement Subfloor Systems

Top Basement Subfloor Systems Ideas

Basement subfloor systems provide a one-step subfloor with a moisture resistant to protect surface film. Top subfloor systems provide healthy, warm and comfortable basement flooring. It is important to significantly reduce temperature fluctuations and slab surface moisture. They may lead to mold and mildew problems. I recommend you Amdry insulated subfloor for basement. It features many things that will make cost efficiency for sure. The benefits are more energy efficient, [...]

Vinyl Plank Flooring Basement Tampa

Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Basement Ideas

Vinyl plank flooring basement – A basement can create around one third of the floor space in a home. Vinyl plank flooring is the best solution to cope with heat and moisture. The cost of finishing a basement can be half the cost in putting an addition in smaller space of the house. It can provide a greater raise on the resale value as well. A finished basement can do [...]

High Flow Basement Window Exhaust Fan

Simple Basement Window Exhaust Fan Ideas

Basement window exhaust fan – The idea behind this device is that it sucks the cool moist air and shoots it outside before it has the chance to condensate. I used a Broan bathroom exhaust fan and mounted it into basement windows that I made from scrap lumber. They sit on my basement floor. This fan then connected to some flex tubing that I ran out an old basement window. [...]

Wood Basement Subfloor Options

DIY Basement Subfloor Options Ideas

Basement subfloor options – Do it yourself in choosing and installing the basement subfloor can be a good way to save your cash with great result. We recently renovated our basement. We have done our best in upgrading the energy efficiency including the insulation upgrades. Although based on some of threads, they may have made a few not optimal decisions. We are in an historic district so we cannot make [...]

Amazing Basement Column Covers

Decorative Basement Column Covers Ideas

Basement column covers are an ideal solution to cover your basement poles. Decorative classic pillar design shaped round has a timeless appeal. It is also safer with no sharp square corners for young children so that not to injure themselves. There are offerings of decorative basement pole covers many unfinished wood types in the effort to enhance different basement styles. Premium woods like cherry, red oak and light maple pole [...]