Leveling Concrete Basement Floor

Concrete Basement Floor Ideas

Concrete basement floor can be made into decorative just by applying do it yourself ideas. There are some cool things that you can do. Acid stain for concrete floor has always been a favorite. This is because of the ability of acid stain in creating shine and elegance. Concrete sealers can make a fine completion or you can also choose to have a concrete overlay. Just make sure in adding [...]

Wood Waterproof Basement Flooring

DIY Waterproof Basement Flooring Ideas

Waterproof basement flooring can be applied a DIY project to make a better basement floor at high value of comfort. These are steps in how to waterproof your basement flooring. The four steps can be amazing way in the effort to support the basement flooring with waterproof ability. Tackling a project of basement waterproofing can prove to be a daunting task. Well, the labor is involving may not be as [...]

Water Seeping Into Basement Drain Pipe

How to Deal with Water Seeping Into Basement

Diagnose the water problem, get rid of excess humidity, insulate pipes and walls and keep water away from the foundation are ways to deal with water seeping into basement. Water or moisture in basements usually comes from two sources. Indoor humidity condenses on cold surfaces just like water droplets form. The other source is water and water vapor that comes from outside. Rainwater, groundwater or melting snow can saturate the [...]

Basement Leaks From Floor

How to Deal with Basement Leaks

Basement leaks have always been a great concern to any home owners who indeed have basement. You can immediately identify its cause to prevent more troubles. Leaks in your basement can cause mold that is dangerous to your health. Different diseases can be caused like rashes, asthma, flu and other complications. However, there is no guarantee from insurance company to cover such issue. First of all, you should have to [...]

Best Daylight Basement Plans

Custom Daylight Basement Plans

Daylight basement plans – Customize your basement with architectural plans to make a better value of basement design. Custom basement plans are available in different ideas about the ways to create pleasing to the eyes values. Floor and walkout in the basement should be put in mind when it comes to designing and decorating the basement. Whether finished or unfinished basement, you can create a custom design for better atmosphere [...]

Installing Basement Floor Drain Clogged

How to Clear Basement Floor Drain Clogged

Basement floor drain clogged? There is nothing worse than finding such thing in the basement floor drain. Well, there are some easy ideas to clear the problem. Since the floor drain in the basement is usually the all pipes’ final stop that leads out of the house. It is a good thing to tell family members not to run any water sources until the drain is completely unclogged. Anyone with [...]

Cleaning Sewer Backup In Basement

Sewer Backup In Basement Ideas

Sewage backup in basement – In how to do a backup sewer in basement to building flooding, this article explains to you the simple yet awesome ideas. Yes no one can doubt that it is disgusting when it comes to toilet backing up. It can be a serious hazard to health in a building. I will explain the inspection and other steps that necessary to sanitize sewer backup in your [...]

Carpet Tiles Basement Ideas

Best Carpet Tiles Basement Ideas

Carpet tiles basement can be applied based on do it yourself ideas. You can have it completely choose the material that awesome in featuring harmonious decor. Getting or hiring the handyman to do the job will cost you some cash but you can also save it by doing yourself, though. The carpet tiles for basement flooring are available in different options to choose from. They are particularly designed to interlock [...]

Free Finished Basement Plans

Best Finished Basement Plans Ideas

Finished basement plans can be well achieved by keep it dry and know the code for best values that you can get in entertaining everyone in the space. It will not only add value to your home, but also allows you to have a fun room where you enjoy family gathering or with friends. Just like I said, keep it dry and know the code in the effort to make [...]

Basement Sealing Paint

Step by Step Basement Sealing Ideas

Basement sealing can be done by yourself with easy step by step ideas in how to waterproof walls to keep the dry and reliable with beauty. There are steps by steps in how to do basement seal that you can follow as instructions in the effort to make better basement space. You can avoid unwanted leaks especially caused by the rains. Just check these out to find and get the [...]